Optimised meetings:
shared agendas, notes and tasks.

Say goodbye to unproductive meetings.  Kwala ensures perfectly timed agendas, collaborative team notes and tasks. 

Kwala meetings dashboard

Plan beats no plan

Before a meeting:
timed agenda items.

Meeting organisers can set an agenda with timings and expected outcomes in Kwala. These are automatically synced with your calendar. So guests knows what you want out of a session and can come prepared.

Meeting Agenda screen


During a meeting:
collaborate on notes.

Kwala allows you to run the meeting to your agenda and expected outcomes.  Attendees can take notes collaboratively (think Google Docs), assign actions and due dates as well as note down decisions and decision owners.

Run meeting

Shared notes, tasks and decisions

After a meeting:
meeting summary.

All guests (attended and declined) have access to meeting actions, notes and decisions.  You can add others to the minutes to inform them of what was agreed.

Kwala meeting minutes

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"I've been managing a complex project for the past 8 months. For the first time in all these months my monthly stakeholder meeting with lots of stakeholders didn't go overtime, in fact we finished early, all thanks to Kwala!"
Project Manager
Octopus Investments
"It's always tough to balance objectives of a 121 with the softer catching up side of these meetings. Kwala allows us to agree conversation topics up front and ensure we get through what we need in the time allocated."
Sr Project Manager
Octopus Investments

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